Why I have decided to follow my Passion

I was born in 1994, in Courbevoie – the city that hosts 50% of the biggest financial center in Europe: Paris la Défense.

Thus, I wasn’t really born in the middle of Nature, to say the least…

Luckily, my grand-parents had a countryside house, in the center of France – in the middle of nowhere. This is where I made my first wheel laps, where I met the first “different” people, as the culture there was so distinct. This is also where I went solo-exploring for the first times, biking or running around.
Did it inspired me to discover more? Surely a bit.

During my numerous early travels, I cultivated and grew my photography skills. Spending more and more time shooting, it finally became more than a hobby: a passion.

However, the genuine shift happened while studying abroad for a full year, in 2016 (during my double degree in engineering and business). I discovered what it was to live outdoor and explore a lot – while studying in Vancouver, BC. At the end of my semester, I went traveling for 4 weeks of which 2 alone in the US. I truly loved it, making the most of every photo opportunity, discovering so many great landscapes…
I truly enjoyed being mainly motivated by photography for this travel, and decided that I needed to keep exploring. After a couple others solo photo trips – especially in the mountains – I realized I was craving to have more mountains in my life.

In 2017 – at the end of my studies – I finally launched my photography business. I was already working on my massive first contract. In 4 months it brought me through 6 European countries to take pictures of warehouses. I made the most of it, travelling for a fair bit on my free time.

10,000 kms, 4 cars and 3 planes later, I was back in Paris, happier than ever. I enjoyed being on the road for such a long time.

My Skills

I won my first photo contest in April 2017, the Morgan Stanley University Photo competition, followed by several smaller contests.I’ve also been awarded the “2018 Quality and Confidence Award” by my department and was pleased to have a full page article in Courbevoie Mag’ (February 2018).

As I have always enjoyed unusual point of views (maybe because my father always wanted to climb to a viewpoint every time possible??) I also passed my drone pilot license in 2017. From now on, this great tool never leaves me whether to discover inaccessible places or experience what it’s like being a bird..

Even though I hate walking, hiking is now part of my daily life. When I’m not kayaking, diving or flying around.

However, biking probably is my soft spot. When I was younger, one could never find me on my feet: I was absolutely always on my metal horse. This may explain why I had my chin sewn three times…More and more, I love exploring remote places and unaccessed areas – even though it includes some risks most of the time…  Let’s say I’m addicted to adventures: there is so much to discover on Earth…

For all these reasons, I want to share all my discoveries with you. To help you escape the daily life, to make you dream a bit and learn about what our Planet as to offer. I also want to encourage everyone to protecting it too…

Finally, I’m convinced there’s a lot of value that can be created through photography. Let’s talk about it.


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My Travels

So far, I have traveled to 26 countries, on the 5 continents.
But experiences are better than numbers, right?

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